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Close call...

I am back after some time to write this post ...but this time it is something that has bothered me.. It was one evening on a work day when I was returning from work. As usual the company shuttle dropped us on the usual spot which was a designated for us to get dropped and most of us cross the main road near the Udayam theatre signal to proceed towards our respective residence. The stretch was made a one way with huge flow of traffic and a traffic signal installed ,without which it really becomes difficult to cross this stretch...virtually impossible at 7:30 PM. The signal flashed red and the countdown timer started at 20 and proceeded..19..18..17... Even at 15 (five seconds after it flashed RED) no one bothered to stop and the vehicles were rushing at top speed.We need to form a group and then cross the stretch and some of them stopped, while the other smaller vehicles still rushed between us. It was at this juncture that the unexpected happened. Suddenly from nowhere a share au

To maintain healthy weight

Collins` `Take 10` tips for achieving or maintaining a healthy weight are:   Eat breakfast Include vegetables or salad with lunch and dinner Choose fruit as a snack Replace full-fat food and drinks with reduced-fat alternatives Choose wholegrain foods instead of more refined foods Eat smaller serving sizes by using smaller plates and cups Eat slowly and stop when you are satisfied, not stuffed full Eat when you genuinely feel hungry, rather than for emotional or other reasons Swap sweetened drinks such as cordial, soft drink and juice with water Eat your evening meals at a dinner table with the TV turned off.

Cricket and Me - Part 3

Please read the two post below as this is the continuation of the same. Mathew Hayden with the little mongoose bat and Murali Vijay entered the scene. A huge roar welcomed them. We had Yousuf Pathan starting the proceedings.CSK batted well and Murali Vijay was hitting boundaries at will. Hayden though choose to play the second fiddle. The real time action was awesome and contrary to my belief that nothing would be visible I could clearly see the people on the field and identify them without the help of the big screen. It was raining Sixes and fours from the start and it continue .Hayden was the first to go and I saw a dismissal Live as it happened near to the place I was seated. good catch though. Suresh Raina joined the party and also helped the score move along. As the lights started fading up came the Flood lights.There was one directly opposite to me as well.  The introvert in me died in the atmosphere of celebration and I also joined the crowd screaming and showing the four

Cricket and Me - Part 2

Please read my earlier post " Cricket and Me "   before reading this as this is a continuation of the earlier Post. With the ticket in my hand I had the day marked in my calender, mobile, Outlook etc. IPL 2010 started with a bang and it was huge event in the Indian cricketing calender as last year's IPL was packed and sent to foreign shores because of the General elections and security issues. The match for which I had the ticket was between the Chennai Super Kings(CSK) and the Rajasthan Royals -RR (Shilpa Shetty's team and the inaugural champions).  My choice for this match was because  it was at 4:00 PM and hence would end by 8:00 PM so that the transport was not a problem and I could use the train without any apprehensions. Also the match would have Dhoni, Shane Warne and the big hitting Pathan (Yousuf) who's fame has sky rocketed because of  IPL these days. The day came and it was a Saturday and a long weekend too. Decided to reach the Venue an hour bef

Cricket and Me

Anyone interested in the game of cricket would always agree with me that the experience of watching it on the field is a great one. I always had this desire to watch a cricket match in the stadium but somehow had to be satisfied by watching it on TV. Being in Chennai and having  MAC in the city this is something that I had in my mind ever since I had this  desire. The biggest impediment to this desire was the serpentine queues in which one has to stand when the counters open for it. This was something that i could never achieve and every time a match was announced I would dismiss the idea saying thats not for me (Remember Film Thiruvilayadal and Dharumi saying...Namakilla...Namkillaa). Some thing of that sort. In 2000 where I had a Central govt client with whom I was working on a Project, I saw an opportunity of getting this long time desire getting fulfilled. They had some tickets from some link that they had in the stadium and were issuing this to their counterparts.I was close to a

Infosys under bad light ?

The company which was a darling to its employees has become suddenly a villan or atleast show cased by the papers that way. My point is its not all that bad as reported. Ofcourse some policies require tweaking. Companies which have copied these from Infosys now should also revisit the same I guess. In the recent past some new thought provoking moves have led to the wrath of the employees. A framework change is being brought about which may take time to settledown and these reactions are as a result of the same,also because of the serious gaps which were left unnoticed during its implementation. Some serious introspection is currently underway...Waiting for things to change positively !!

33% reservation

33% reservation for women - It is being said as a breakthrough in the history of Indian parliement for having this passed in Rajya sabha, which had the blessing of Sonia Gandhi(the holder of the remote control of Indian goverment) Some want a reservation within this reservation for Muslims and (so called)lower caste women as they feel upper caste women would crush lower caste women. My question is Will these politicians ever change ? A party can decide which women candidate  can contest and if these members are so concerned about the particular sect , let them field all the 33% with their favourites!! who on earth is stopping them. Second(Actually this is should be first) question is does each party have some many ABLE(note this is bold) women candidates to field. I am not sure if this is really necessary. My opinion is India should be reservation free and the competant should make it for any post -any gender or caste...Way to go.