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So near for so long.....

This is really an interesting bit of news that I had come across today. A colleague of mine, a peer in fact , with whom I did not have much interaction came to my cubicle to invite me for his marriage. I had heared about him and was aware that his marriage was due for long and now that it has materialized.... As usual I conveyed my wishes and asked about the girl. He just pointed a few rows in front of me and told the girl in green salwar was the bride. That was real surprise for me and asked if its an arranged marriage. He sweared it was an arranged marriage and it was by pure coincidence that they got the girls contact and it got materialised. They have been in the same hall for so long and yet took all this while for things to happen. Long live the couple.... Anyway I believed him and accepted his statement...did you ??

Congress Goverments austerity drive

Pranab travels in economy class, Sonia travels in economy class, Rahul traveled in train....these are some of the austerity measures and we are supposed to think that goverment wants to cut down expenses. The idea is good but it is not yet another way to get publicity. Do it in all areas including Govt functions, cut down the fleet of cars that accompany politicians, the mountain of shawls that they recieve which barely hangs for few seconds(do they recycle this ? Just a thought :) ) over their shoulders, the power they draw for meetings(which goes unaccounted). The list is endless........ Do this in silence and not for publicity....