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Defending Siachin....

Defending Siachin Glacier #Indianairforce

This hotstar video documentary is a classic to show how the Indian airforce guards in extreme of weather conditions the Siachen glacier the highest army check point at 22,000. ft. above ground level in freezing cold.

Put under extreme of climatic conditons at -50 C the Jawans brave the spine-chilling cold to guard the border ably supported by the IAF for their daily supplies.

Watch the ancedotes from the lady helicopter pilot Sqd Leader Kushboo Gupta and the other Glacier caption. Glacier captain is the title given to the pilots who manouver the helicopter in the glacier zones to reach the army posts.

The daily challenges and the sacrifices made by Indian army is really inspiring.

Adding to this is the magnetic voice of Kabir Bedi as the narrator in the entire video takes it to the next level.

Every Indian should not miss this. Jai Hind !!

Check out Extreme Flight: The Indian Air Force on Hotstar!


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