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Medical profession -Still a Service ?

As I sit down to write this blog after a month when my father was critically ill and was hospitalised, I still could not hide behind the kind of commercialism that had come into the medical field. Also the doctors whom I met no longer do this as a service but as a means to their end and also to the extent of accumulating and reserving for their heirs.  There was one old doctor I had to encounter whom I met on a night in the wake of emergency due to my fathers health condition who after treating him as slowly as possible(I was really frustrated with the slowness he exhibited in dealing a emergency case) was grossly engrossed in counting the cash collected for the day after instructing his nurse.  Also when asked again and again on the health condition replied that he can be admitted if I want to do so.(He left it to my discretion !!!) Again the next morning as there was no signs of improvement I had him admitted.  Later during the day when this doctor came for his rounds when asked on s