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Selfie Pulla.....

Today, my long felt need of having to get a selfie out was done. You may ask what's so great about a selfie. Well, the need was to take a good selfie (not actually coined as a selfie at that time, but was a just a snap) of me and my parents together. This job had been entrusted to many in the past and the result was not satisfactory. I need to get it done myself and also I need to be there in the picture as well. How to achieve it ? This was an unresolved need from the past, in fact for several years as my parents never wished to go to a photo studio for this purpose. As all problems will have a solution and it is only a matter of time until one finds it. This problem of mine, might have been in someone else mind as well and thus was the selfie stick born. Rather a simple solution of lending an extended hand to cover the frame and shoot the snap. Very simple solution to a simple problem. With the solution found its only the execution that was remaining. So with my goal