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Close call...

I am back after some time to write this post ...but this time it is something that has bothered me.. It was one evening on a work day when I was returning from work. As usual the company shuttle dropped us on the usual spot which was a designated for us to get dropped and most of us cross the main road near the Udayam theatre signal to proceed towards our respective residence. The stretch was made a one way with huge flow of traffic and a traffic signal installed ,without which it really becomes difficult to cross this stretch...virtually impossible at 7:30 PM. The signal flashed red and the countdown timer started at 20 and proceeded..19..18..17... Even at 15 (five seconds after it flashed RED) no one bothered to stop and the vehicles were rushing at top speed.We need to form a group and then cross the stretch and some of them stopped, while the other smaller vehicles still rushed between us. It was at this juncture that the unexpected happened. Suddenly from nowhere a share au