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Swipe and Play

Every one knows that Satyam cinemas is the best in the Chennai city if not in the whole of India . Recently they have also opened a full fledged gaming zone across three floors in the same multiplex and I decided to see whats this all about. As I ventured into this building I has totally taken by surprise and awe on the variety of gaming devices and consoles that have been gathered under one single roof...mind boggling. You name it , they have it. Being a gaming enthusiast, I Could not resist myself from obtaining a membership card for myself. But these devices are really new to me and I decided to take on a racing simulator and it was a good experience racing in a track , feeling the jerks and bumps of a real race. But I found the Price little bit overpriced though.. The other Section I tried next was the Wii gaming. There were no slots initially and I had to wait for 30 mins until I got one. WoW ....this was really a good experience for an hour and I managed to stick on to