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Swine flu Scare

Swine flu..the latest in the headline these days....not sure how it all originated but it seems to create havoc and take lives of those infected in a matter of few days. Everybody is really scared and the worst part is, children are the most easy targets. Parents have to be really on their toes to keep their wards away from this. I also got few masks.but little hesitant to use it....Not sure when the medical world finds a cure for this deadly virus...hope it is sooner.

Cool Gadget

As I was going through the pages of Ebay , which I do more often these days I happen to see an MP4 player with lots of feature loaded and with a touch screen interface which mimics the iPod. Being a gadget freak( I think I can call myself that way) I thought a lot about it and was interested in buying it. It really had a host of features which included music player, Mp4 video player, Radio, camera, ebook reader, picture viewer, voice recorder/player, lot of small apps...hmmm was really attractive. Only think was, that it was not a branded one...ofcourse if its branded it would have been priced very heavily. I logged out with an indecisive mind...... Day 2... Again same idea...same website..this time tried to connect with the buyer to know more about it...He told only the positives as expected. Went to other sites to read the reviews. Compared the same with a Branded product. I received a huge was priced 6 times higher that my target price...Again logged off. Day 3... PRESSED

Job Satisfaction

The title above i.e Job satisfaction is a every important aspect in one's life. Job satisfaction can be on a higher side based on the closeness of your passion and the day to day job we do. It is no way related to the Earnings you get. You may get a heavy purse but if your mind does not get involved then Job satisfaction can be something you will never experience. Many of us do the day to day job just for the sake of doing it and not with Passion. I hope this statement in true for most of us. If you dispute this and really mean it , then my congratulations to you for getting a job in line with your Passion. There is also another side to this. but that really requires a great mind. It is developing passion in the job you are given. This is the most practical way to attain Job satisfaction. but as conveyed before, its a difficult to achieve and if you belong to this clan, again my kudos to you. I can hear you asking me where do I belong....? Like many of us, I am also in search of th