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Airtel Super singer 2008

Airtel super singer 2008, now has become a part of our 9 PM Tv schedule these days. This year long event now has reached its Climax. But somehow the interest level is not the same. Most of you might agree that this has been dragged for more than two months. We are almost half way through 2009 and still viewing super singer 2008....I hear ed there is a junior singer 2009 also starting. Hope this at least will stop by 2009..?? No doubt that Airtel super singer has brought good talents to the foreground but there are too many recall rounds and the same set which had got eliminated again comes back and then gets eliminated again...I really don't understand that if the Idea is to extend the show , then whats the need for this elimination. I remember a poor contestant who lost patience and said that he is withdrawing because of shortage of attendance in college on account of attending this Super singer show.....this is sheer non sense from the organisers. Then came the finals a f

Australia - Racist ?

Now Australia is in the News for all wrong Reasons. Guess what ! the most peaceful country in the world has now been branded as a Racist Country by the Asians living over there. But something tells me from the various inputs received ,Australia is not all to blame for. Australia has education as the third biggest source of income and is really building its base on the foreign students who fly down from across the world mainly from Asia . Having said that can they really afford to be Racist is the question that comes to mind. Australians are no doubt a mixed group of people with various levels of education and majority of them are really assertive (unlike Indians ) no matter what their level of education is. This being the case how do our Desi guys conduct themselves in a foreign land is also a thing to ponder. For instance, Desi's form large groups on streets and keep talking loudly ,blocking the path and Australians find this really awkward and unlike Indians being assertive t