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Infosys under bad light ?

The company which was a darling to its employees has become suddenly a villan or atleast show cased by the papers that way. My point is its not all that bad as reported. Ofcourse some policies require tweaking. Companies which have copied these from Infosys now should also revisit the same I guess. In the recent past some new thought provoking moves have led to the wrath of the employees. A framework change is being brought about which may take time to settledown and these reactions are as a result of the same,also because of the serious gaps which were left unnoticed during its implementation. Some serious introspection is currently underway...Waiting for things to change positively !!

33% reservation

33% reservation for women - It is being said as a breakthrough in the history of Indian parliement for having this passed in Rajya sabha, which had the blessing of Sonia Gandhi(the holder of the remote control of Indian goverment) Some want a reservation within this reservation for Muslims and (so called)lower caste women as they feel upper caste women would crush lower caste women. My question is Will these politicians ever change ? A party can decide which women candidate  can contest and if these members are so concerned about the particular sect , let them field all the 33% with their favourites!! who on earth is stopping them. Second(Actually this is should be first) question is does each party have some many ABLE(note this is bold) women candidates to field. I am not sure if this is really necessary. My opinion is India should be reservation free and the competant should make it for any post -any gender or caste...Way to go.

A small Story..but very true

May be you would have known about this but still thought of writing it for the benefit of those who do not know. "Long ago there was a King who was powerful and rulling over a great empire. Everything was flourishing(So no job for him and had ample time) in his kingdom. During one of his court meeting he had put across one question to his minister. He said he wanted them to find a saying which would make a sad man happy and a happy man sad(Female reader change  Man --> women  33%). Hegave them a months time to coin the statement and have it inscribed on something which would be there for ever. None of the ministers could thing about it. There was the head of the ministers who decided to meet his Swmaiji(this is real swami who practices Sanyasa in true sense in those days)for the answer. He travelled into the forest to meet this sage and put forward the question asked by the King. The Swami on hearing this gave him a smile and wrote and gave hime the golden phrases which he