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First Reel then Real

While all the political parties have jumped into the Prohibition bandwagon my suggestion would be to start it in the reel world first and then come to the real world. Yes stop showing the hero and his friends do all the things below A) Dance in the bar with group. B) Brain stroming with friends while drinking. C) Failure in personal life...head straight to the bar. D) To get courage - take the bottle. To have the directors avoid these cliches, films without the above can be provided Tax exemption(what an idea sir ji) like the one for naming Tamil films with Tamil titles. Pls share this until it reaches the concerned. Films do impact this generation.

Manithan 2.0

Just getting interested from trailer was in two minds if I should see this movie... As a prior step also read the review. Decision was made to see the movie. Searched for tickets but could not get the same. With the recent upgrade to a broadband with a better speed searched if there are any online links...yes found one with pretty decent clarity. Now for the songs with group punch acrobatic fights....The hero of the film has no track record to such subjects and infact he has been ridiculed for his acting skills in some of his previous movies in social media...but not this time. If you are the one who are interested in films with court scenes who may like it as I did.(Mamooty's Mouna samandham was the one which interested me a lot several years back). The film entirely revolves around the story line it took and does not deviate much from it. Comedy by Vivek and others is not a separate track but blends well with the main story Heroine Ha