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IPL 2009 - The Money Mint

IPL this three letter word has chang ed the fortunes of many cricketers and non cricketers. Why non cricketers ?.Its because of the involvement of the Bollywood and Corporates this time. The eight teams are owned by them and they run business with them. For more info visit IPL 2 has been made a great one especially for the man who was been behind this - Lalit modi . Its actually a great guts move to have the tournament shifted from India which is what the "I" in IPL stands for to South Africa. A move against the Politicians of India. The tournament was on the verge of being Cancelled due to the elections during the same time. But it was the business man in Modi and using his good offices made the move of shifting the tournament itself and thereby giving a nose cut to the politicians. That two in a very short span of time .Really great Ability. IPL has been more of a smash hit last year when it gained a huge fan following. It also brought to light

Singh is King

Singh is king...this is not about the Akshay starter movie, but about out very Dr. Manmohan Singh who has been given the mandate to rule the country for the second term. Manmohan singh was criticised as much as possible by the opposition as being weak or a puppet etc . etc. But the people have reestablished the trust on Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh may not be a great orator and cannot Woe people by taking, but ha has his own way of governing and it was spotted by none other than the late Rajiv gandhi who made him the Finance minister in 1990. Manmohan Singh opened india to the world and thus brought in the Globalisation which by far has more positives than negatives. Considering the Present scenarion when corruption and caste rule the political arena Manmohan Singh appears to be a man not associated with these. The BRAND Manmohan Singh is something which the comman man can associate with himself and has rightly done so. Never under estimate the man in Manmohan Sing

Elections in India

Its election 2009 and after the D Day its time for Horse trading. We have seen this happening time and again and this is the same scenario that the Common man has to encounter after he has done his job. What else can he do after Elections. These days I believe people are slowly losing faith in the whole system. Elections have been mar ed with Violence, Cash for votes, Cast clashes and every year the voter turnout seems to have decreased . This year too Elections are No different. Alliances are made and broken in a jiffy. Some parties are always in power no matter if its NDA or the UPA is at power. So in these cases we really doubt if they really have any stand for themselves and the most obvious thing is to mint money. Come Elections and only those who are very keen on voting are the first time voters. No doubt they are excited in exercising their franchise for the first time ever . Their hopes or short lived and they are made to feel as to why have they voted. I strongly feel tha