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Period Films and Me

Though there were lot of compliments to the Film  " Jodaa Akbar" one of the Asutosh Gauriker's film  the fact that it was a period film kept me away from this for some time. Even though I had a moderate liking for History and the Mughal dynasty which ruled India for long, a Hindi film set at this outset was not on my list. Having seen the other two Asutosh Gowrikar's films namely " Swades " and " Lagaan " and being a favourite of really well made films,I was still not sure whether I should see this Classic on little known Jodaa , a Rajput Prince until my friend said it was really good and even went to the extent of saying its a "not be missed" category. I started my hunt for the DVD of this Film and met with failures in my first few tries. Luckily I got hold of a copy in the next few weeks and started to watch the film with very less expectation and also with a neutral mindset. On completion here I am writing this blog. In all it

Oscar Award and Indians

Every Indian news Channel , started following the Oscars with keen interest this year, more so because this year we have an Indian(?) film the Slumdog Millionnaire being nominated for a whooping number (10 ?) of Oscars. Getting nominated for Oscars is certainly not a new thing for Indian film in recent times going by Lagaan and another film by Mira nair I guess which went into the Academy for nomination. But strangely I am really puzzled by the sense of Pride that we show towards this Award. This is really an American award given BY the Americans, FOR the American films and TO the American film world( Thanks to Kamal Hasan who coined this phrase in line with democracy definition) which has excelled as per their knowledge of best workmanship in line with their culture. Of course their is one Award in the Category of best Foreign film What according to me should change is that the point that only if it is recognised by the American world , should be think that film or artist t