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Taking for Ride....

Chennai and Auto rides never go well together.The sight of Auto in the city has become a nightmare for many of us. Everyone in the city would definitely have had an argument with auto drivers in the city towards the fare that needs to be agreed for the destination. The fares are always not in relation to the distance, but based on the person. If you are an office goer or old the fare is always higher. No consistency exist in the fares demanded by the Auto drivers and auto meters are a big taboo to the drivers It has been more than a decade since the meters functioned in the city autos and it is always going by the best judgement which the driver makes about the fare. The scene before this scenario was slightly better where the meters were functioning , but were rigged in most of the autos. The heart beat of the passenger would increase every time he boards the auto with a rigged meter which had been clearly manipulated to show exorbitant fare. This "Soodu" meter as it