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Kutram 23 ...New area...

Saw Kutram 23.The film actually was very good and deals about the scam that goes in IVF treatment, a subject not touched at all so far and proves to be a thriller. Not sure why it is not getting the response it should get.
Arun Vijay the hero looks macho and extremely fit for the role of the investigating officer as Asst Commissioner of police.
It does not have much songs and the direction is racy in the beginning and then meanders a little latter. Kudos to the director for turning out this crime thriller in an untested subject.
The story infact is adapted from Tamil writer Rajesh Kumar's novel.
A must watch in my opinion.
Just to leak out a suspense -Kuttram 23, the 23 refers to the 23 chromosomes....very apt title too unless you appreciate it.(also the hero's 23rd film)
Verdict: 3.75/5.


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