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Winning your boss

As I was observing on the Process of Appraisals that were going on in my new Organisation, it brought about the subjectivity that is present in the system. The only way to come out in flying colors is, be a pet to your Boss and reap rich dividends. Though the companies claim about the various thought process that has been put forward in designing the appraisal system, it all boils down to the previous line you just read.

I know a guy who always came out with the best score possible during the appraisal not because he did a great job but for his attitude to tasks given by his Boss. I do not claim that he is a person who just thrives because of the "pet" tag , though he does pretty decent job. But if you consider his peers who do the same "decent" job, they somehow end up lower than him. WHY ?

Again it is how he presents himself to the boss...Watch below some of his action.

  • Never disputes the idea told by the Boss. Can always spot some think good in the Worst of ideas told by the boss.
  • Helps the boss in his work without him delegating..that is the do good er.
  • Keeps his ideas to himself even though he has a diametrically opposite view. (I got to know this when he commented on an old idea of his boss which he believed was a total waste of time, months later to my shock..!!)
  • Leave Ego and praise lavishly.
  • Talk always with a smile.
  • Celebrate and wish your boss on his personal occasions and celebrate them as the best occasion in the whole world..

Hmm...doing all this he certainly created an impact in all his bosses mind with whom he worked and if its a lady he had even better success ratio. Try this and see for yourself


hmm... I Understand... But between two decent guys, any supervisor will obviously give preference to the guy who has a closer relationship with him... I am not saying it is right... But it is human tendency generally... To have that level of maturity to ignore it completely is difficult for most people... Even though we shouldn't be chamchas, taking care to have a good relationship in addition to good performance shouldn't be wrong right!
Unknown said…
Loyalty (How long you work for the same project and company and manager etc) also plays some role in deciding your CRR. Usually, (may be some historical data to see the actual trend to support this view)lateral join with big pay hike compare to another person (may be same peer that you are comparing...) with same experience and skill set as u will be paid less salary... That could also be another factor for higher rating to compensate his salary...

I feel Appraisal system is designed good enough compared to what i heard from other organization... It is more open and subject to many discussion, peer group setup and review etc are some of unique things not found in other organizations...

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