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India's ascent to the top spot in Tests

The wait is over...

Today's Newspaper confirmed that INDIA is the Top team in Test cricket as per ICC standing.
This bunch of cricketers made history and achieved what could not be achieved by their predecessors. Dhoni after getting the top job, now holds the record for not losing a game in 10 matches he had captained...

One interesting note here. This is what I observed during the presentation ceremony after wining the test series.

Presentation is on and the chief guest hands over the Trophy to Dhoni..

Dhoni calls the team to come and pose for the Photo as it is now a custom to do so....

So till then all is comes the differentiator

Dhoni hands over the Trophy to Pragyan Ojha...the new comer in he team and the debutant in this series..Ojha takes the trophy in his hands and sees the coveted trophy unable to believe that it has been given to him...

This act is sure to add to the confidence of the young Ojha , who was made to look important by his captain and also the honour of holding the coveted cup for the Photo. We will not be able to spot Dhoni in the photo flashed in the newspapers the next day as he choose to take back seat....

Truly this is a different captain we have got.


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