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The Engineering Marvel in Guindy

Finally the grade separator in Kathipara, Guindy has been thrown open to traffic. Its really a wonderful piece of engineering and first of its kind in the whole of india. Gone are the days when traffic comes to a standstill in the Guindy junction with the vehicles turning their ignition off and wait patiently for the signal to turn green. This grade separator has a butterfly style design and stands tall spreading its wings across the guindy circle. The six-lane flyover, constructed at a cost of Rs 250 crore at Kathipara junction, a gateway into the city that has been a traffic bottleneck for years, is expected to eliminate delays on account of signalized intersection and result in savings on vehicle operating cost and travel time. It will also help reduce fuel emissions that occur due to idling of vehicles at the junction. Great Work...Chennai's asset..!!!

Is India in Recession ?

India would not see recession, even if the international situation remained uncertain, said RBI governor D Subbarao on Saturday. But the stocks keep tumbling today also in BSE and as a Diwali gift to its investors touched below 8000 points. Though justifying RBI's cautious credit policy announced on Friday, Subbarao said that as a central bank, it had to balance growth and financial stability with price stability. Between October 6 and 20, the RBI injected Rs 1,85,000 crore liquidity into the system and "the one per cent repo rate cut was aimed at getting the financial markets going. If the situation warranted, RBI wouldn't hesitate to infuse or withdraw liquidity from the system. Nothing seems to work for now...lets keep our fingers crossed.

10-30 Rule

I was reading today the book "one night at the call center" by Chetan bhagat. Basically it was a story about the BPOs in india andthe incidents that happen over there forms rest of the plot. There was a mention about a rule which the call agents are told about during their training namely 10-30 rule. Having not heared of any such rule in the past, my curiosity made me read further and I was quite astonished to find out this rule is really one concept, which helps the Call center folks to remain calm when interacting with angry american customers. Interested in knowing what it means ? Read further...It says though not in the exact words as in the lines to continue, it means that the IQ of an avg american of 35 yrs is equal to that of a 10yr old Indian kid....So stay calm and explain the technicalities as you would do to a 10yr old kid. Not sure if this is true but definetly a bold satire at the US...!!

Chennai and its Flyover

In chennai the flyover culture seems to be the solution for all traffic problems as percieved by the goverment. When there is a traffic congestion in any area in chennai, the pancea for this problem is - build a flyover. Ofcourse there are some real scenarios where this provodes the solution , but not in all cases. The authorities should look at other areas like widening the roads, removing encroachments which have a permanent effect and see how best the available space can be used. One good option is to use the space vertically , which has caught the attention of the authorities and they have started projects on multi tier car parks. Another area which requires immediate attention would be creating path ways for free flow of rain water. The flood water drains require immediate attention and should be expanded, cleared of all the clogging that has happedned over the years and measures to ensure that this clogging does not happen hence forth. If these are done at a war footing we can d

The greatest Cricketer ever...!!!

Today Oct 17th 2008, was the day when yet another record was created by Sachin ramesh Tendulkar, know as Sachin in short to the cricket fraternity when he became the first test cricketer ever to score 12000 runs in test cricket..Sachin Tendulkar achieved the world record for most runs in Test cricket on Friday and his 50th half century pushed India to a commanding 311 for five wickets at stumps on the first day of the second Test at Mohali. I feel that this man who had been batting for close to 19yrs now and has got the habit of creatin records just like having to do a shopping is undisputed KING OF CRICKET...even better than Don bradman....what do you say ??